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Sports: Swimming
Date of birth: 1995 14: onde Mars
Length: 195 cm

Weight: During season 83-85, major international championships, around 83 kg

A normal week looks like this:
Monday: 07.00-8.00 gym, swimming 8.15-10.15, swimming 15-17
Tuesday: Swimming 07.30-9.30, swimming 15-17
Wednesday: Swimming 8.00-10.00, gym 10.15-11.15
Thursday: Swimming 07.30-9.30, swimming 15-17
Friday: Swimming 07.00-9.00, gym 9.15-10.15, swimming 15-17
Saturday: Swimming 07: 30-10.00

Since I exercise an incredible amount, diet is very important to me. I practice a sport that is very interval-based, which means that we burn a lot of calories. This means that we constantly have to eat a lot and right. I try to vary between meat, fish along with carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes. In addition to this, salad, berries and other vitamins and minerals that keep my body in good shape and that allow me to perform at a high level in both training and competition. But I do not go for a special diet but I try to have a well-balanced diet and of course treat myself to junk when you feel like it! Except when you approach a little bigger competitions, then you do not have to eat quite as much because we then do not train as hard and intensively as we do during most of the rest of our season.

Participated in 2 short course EC
Participated in 3 long distance EC
Participated in 2 short course WC
Holds the Swedish Record of 400 medley in long distance
Best international placement, 4th place at the Universiade, 2017 (Kind of like an Olympics for students)
20+ SM gold

Favorite addition from PSN:
This is a really difficult question, but PSN bars are in a class of their own, especially vanilla / chocolate. I can eat it around the clock both as a recovery, snack or just as a snack.

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