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Sports: Athletics – long jump, triple jump, high jump
Date of birth: 020121
Length: 185 cm
Weight: about 75 kg

I have been part of Yannick Tregaro’s training group for some time now. Today it also consists of the elite athletes Thobias Montler, who belongs to the world top in long jump, and Fredrik Samuelsson, Sweden’s best all-rounder. Others that Yannick has trained before include the Olympic gold medalist in three-step Christian Olsson and the world record holder in high jump indoor Kajsa Bergqvist.

At RIG (Riksidrottsgymnasiet) we usually run morning sessions three days a week and these usually consist of different types of supplementary basic training of strength, balance, mobility, endurance etc. and then the technical training and additional strength, resilience, explosiveness, prehab training etc. by my coach. I also have some shorter supplemental mobility sessions I run sometimes, for example during recovery days. These have been put together for me by my father, who is a so-called postural trainer and massage therapist. If you want to see a little from some of my training sessions or competitions, you can follow my Instagram account @gabrielwallmark

I try to eat as balanced a diet as possible and avoid too many sweets. I usually do not always eat that much for breakfast on the days I do not eat breakfast immediately after a morning workout. But always eat a hearty lunch and dinner. It can often be difficult to get to the snacks in a good way on the way between home, school and training and then I think that some form of dietary supplement can be suitable for example before or immediately after a workout, such as a Premium Bar after a afternoon session in anticipation of dinner. Favorite dishes are otherwise pasta carbonara or sushi.

Merits and goals:
My biggest merits are 8 Youth SM gold in the disciplines length, height, triple jump and 60m hurdles. My long-term goal is to establish myself as an athlete in the absolute world top in long jump and / or triple jump and hopefully be relevant for participation already in the Paris Olympics 2024. In the shorter term, it is to take a medal during this year’s Senior SM and to win the Junior SM in the disciplines I compete in.

Favorite product:
At the time of writing, I have not had time to decide yet. But there are a number of candidates as Pure has so many different good products that are suitable on different occasions for different purposes. Pure BAR premium vanilla / chocolate is probably good considering the taste, but Pure energy sports drink is, for example, perfect to have during a workout.

I live in Sävedalen in Partille and started training athletics already at the age of seven in Sävedalens AIK, but switched to Örgryte Athletics a couple of years ago. Other sports I have practiced over the years are football, tennis and karate, but today it is only athletics that counts. I have also been involved with music since I was little and play piano and some guitar and drums. I study the Nature Program at Katrinelund, which is a National Sports High School for athletics and handball, but has over 10 more different sports represented there.

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