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Sports: Athletics middle distance (800m & 1500m)

Date of birth 910919
Length 180cM
Weight (on / off) 65kg

Training (layout) I usually run morning shifts a few days a week which consist of distance running of 30-50 minutes. In the evening, the workouts vary with everything from intervals and long workouts to strength workouts. A typical week I am on 9-10 sessions in total. Where 3-4 of the sessions are morning running. Such a week usually consists of 3 slightly tougher interval sessions that can be anything from shorter sprints of 30m to longer intervals of several minutes per interval. A strength workout is also usually included and then it is classic to run long workouts on Sundays. The long sessions usually consist of 90-120 minutes of running. Most weeks I have a training-free day to rest my body and it is usually on Fridays.

Diet I try to get a lot of carbohydrates in me. A classic breakfast for me consists of a large portion of porridge with cinnamon and raisins on it, boiled eggs and a sandwich. I like pasta and the usual thing is that at least lunch or dinner consists of it, sometimes both meals. Spaghetti and minced meat sauce is the dish I prefer to eat before training and competition. Immediately after finishing training, I usually eat a Premium Bar from Pure so that I get something in me before dinner.

Merits My biggest merits are Swedish Championship gold in the 1500m outdoors, Swedish Championship gold in the 800m indoors. European Championships in 800m. Finnkampen 800m. As well as several international junior championships. Right now I am up to 43 Swedish Championship medals.

Favorite addition from PSN. The best thing about Pure’s products is that there is such a wide range of products for different purposes. During the workouts, it is perfect to bring a sports drink, energy gel and energy bar and after the workouts it is really good to be able to get a premium bar right away. If I have to choose a product that I like the most, it is the premium bar with double chocolate.

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